Jennifer van den Bussche is the founder and director of Sticky Situations, a Johannesburg-based non-profit, collaborative organisation with a special focus on community development. A project manager with more than twenty-five years’ experience, she has strong facilitation skills complemented by a background in construction and architecture and extensive experience in community development, and uses these skills to create successful outcomes to a range of projects, including public art, public space and sanitation upgrades and multimedia exhibitions. Van den Bussche studied architecture and completed a master’s degree in international and community development at Deakin University, Melbourne. As project manager of Global Studio, an action research programme to find sustainable solutions, she contributed to the success of its 2007–09 Johannesburg event. In addition to coordinating the projects and activities conducted in South Africa by Studio-X – a global network of advanced research laboratories launched in 2008 by Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (GSAPP) to explore the future of cities – Van den Bussche is also a research affiliate of the Earth Institute at Columbia University’s Centre for Sustainable Urban Design (CSUD), New York.